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Strategically located along Mc Arthur Hi way, the condo is just adjacent to the Our Lady of Fatima University and is only 10 minutes away from the EDSA-Monumento circle. The project boasts of its proximity to schools, transportation, market places, malls and business centers necessary for day to day transactions.

So close to everything

Quiet and splendid lady Isabelle De Valenzuela is located conveniently along the McArthur Highway. And it is a mere ten minutes away from the EDSA Monumento circle. This essentially means that future Isabelle De Valenzuela residents will remain quite close to all major transport networks, places of business, shopping malls and famous market places and schools.

Famous landmarks quite close to Isabelle

Three very famous landmarks are close to Isabelle De Valenzuela. These are the San Miguel Brewery of Valenzuela, the SM Valenzuela and Our Lady of Fatima University.  

The city’s origins

The city of Valenzuela is named after one Pio Valenzuela. He was a medical doctor and belonged to a secret society named Katipunan. This group was started to rebel against the Spanish colonialists of the time. Over a period of many years, migration from around the Philippines to Valenzuela led to the formation of a pleasingly multicultural and cosmopolitan city. Originally an agricultural town, Valenzuela has been transformed into a fully fledged commercial and industrial hub. Many major companies have also chosen to make Valenzuela its home.

The city’s climate

Valenzuela’s majestic Sierra Madre mountain range, well worth a visit, keeps strong winds from the Pacific Ocean at bay as it were. Otherwise, the city’s climate remains humid and warm. The highest humidity levels will be experienced from June to November. The hottest months of the year are May and June.

Famous feasts of Valenzuela

  • The feast of Valenzuela – February the fourteenth is celebrated as the city’s foundational anniversary.
  • Celebrating the saints – Novena processions commemorate the mysterious discovery of Christ’s cross by St Helena. She was once the mother of Constantine the Great.
  • Love feasts – San Roque is recognized as Valenzuela’s patron saint of those still single.
  • San Diego de Alcala – The festival celebrates the city’s oldest church. Activities on this special day include boat racing and street dancing.

Health and wellness facilities perfect for the student life

The importance of close proximity to shopping complexes

This importance is universal. Having nearby shops or at least one shopping center close to your home allows you to save much time after a busy day at work. It is also convenient to be able to cut down on travelling time and not worry about traffic so much. The convenience of close shopping locations can also be seen from a different point of view, seeing as many Filipinos actually enjoy their shopping.

It allows them to spend more time enjoying a favorite pastime. But fortunately for all of Isabella De Valenzuela’s residents, major shopping centers such as Puregold, SM and the South Supermarket are quite close by. And Monumento is considered to be a great place for price conscious shoppers to spend time at. 


  • Our Lady of Fatima University
  • SM Valenzuela
  • San Miguel Brewery Valenzuela
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